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Kerala in India is a land of beauty and culture. It has preserved its long-lived practices until date, one of which is the science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems in India and it stresses on prevention of ailments rather than cure. It removes all the toxic imbalances from the body and brings the mind, body and soul to a harmonious state. Ayurveda in Kerala is famous because of the high levels of humidity that prevails in the state all around the year. In monsoon, the pores of the skin open up and become better recipient of the Ayurvedic therapies and massages. Hence, the weather in Kerala is ideal for taking Ayurvedic treatments.


Not just the weather but the perfect locations of resorts and Ayurvedic centers in Kerala are so soothing and refreshing that they enhance the curative properties of these massages and therapies. Imagine taking a rejuvenating massage beside the flowing emerald water of Kerala backwaters, or taking a calming therapy amidst the traditional natural Keralan settings. These delightful settings and the wonderful ambience of the place make one’s experience a tranquil and refreshing one. The expert practitioners in these Ayurvedic centers recommend personalized massages and therapies suiting each individual’s needs and physical and mental temperament. Hence, if you want to get some enthralling experiences that shed off all the futile elements from your body and make your body a pure and balanced whole then avail one of the Ayurvedic packages to Kerala that would take you to this delightful facet of Kerala in India.

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Greetings from capital City Travels and Tous!


What are doing off late? Hopefully, you are planning for a trip? Have you decided the destination? If not, we can suggest you. The winter is coming in India where you can enjoy the chilling cold for at least 3 or 4 months. So you can pack your luggage for India tour. But the question what should be ideal destination for you in India?


It is really difficult to choose a destination in India in this season; because India is a vast kaleidoscope of natural beauty. Especially the winter adds a new fresh look to the natural ambience of the land. Be it a mountain range or be it a shimmering desert or backwater land, it is ‘Indian winter’ hat could be special for you when you take a tour to India.


But as per our suggestion Kerala Backwater tour would be the best destination this time. Monsoon have just left making the land green to greenery. Moving alongside the backwater in Kerala would add a wonderful charm to your holidays. You can hear the soothing sound of water rippling alongside your houseboat. You just imagine, you are drifting on the backwater. What a wonderful experience! Can it be memorable for your lifetime? The green countryside, swaying palm trees, emerald rice fields and children waving from the banks of the backwaters await you in this coming winter.

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It is not just another good morning. A special morning to you all with a very good news! Yesterday we finished one of the most critical jobs for our website.

For so many months, we were thinking of your expectation, what more we can give you during your tour, what else you need to enjoy your holidays. Since first day we have focused on itineraries for various tourist destinations. We had once felt, itineraries would not be the ultimate solution for your holidays in India.

We try to understand why people need holidays. The only one answer is to come out from hard-off daily schedule. It can give you a pleasure of laidback life from the dins and bustles of city. But sometime you may not get a long days holidays. At that time a short-term tour package can bring a relieving mood to you and your family and off course at an affordable rate.

That is why we composed a customized India holiday package. When you are ready for honeymoon holiday, you may choose any place from Kerala, Goa, Ladakh, Shimla, and Manali etc. you may arrange a cultural tour for your kids. Then you can take our cultural tour package to Delhi, Agra, Rajastha, Ranthambore, Himachal Pradesh etc.

Be it a Yoga, Ayurveda and Spa tour, Luxury train tour, Wildlife tour, Hill station tour, Adventure tour or spiritual pilgrimage tour, anything can be a great pleasure during your holiday in India.

But what the great job we have done? Since first day we were offering only India tour package that covers various tourist places in India. But this is first time we composed each of the packages destination wise so that you cover every nook and corner of that particular city. Now we are ready to offer you a cutting-edge holiday package as per your demands. We will try to mean your valuable holidays.

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India is a land where tropical variation is its cultural diversity. After every thousand kilometers you can find different life style, food habit, clothing and many more. That is why this exotic land boasts of its wide range of tourist destinations. Global tourists say, India has endless room for them. From wildlife to impressive monuments, to sparking beaches, to grand lives of colorful villages, to serene vales to dreamily spread desert…. everything you can find in this striking land. Our cutting-edge India tour package make you travel to most of the major and minor tourist places in India. And we compose long and short-term itineraries to make your trip as per your convenience. Plus you will get travel guide who has veteran expertise in travel and tourism industry. We provide free pick and drop facility from and to Airport.

What else do you need during your tour to India? We try to provide as much as possible to make you reach beyond the realm of fantasy without any hassle.

More when we meet! Keep visiting our blog!

The Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most renowned and famous tours of India. It covers the 3 major tourist hubs and ensures that you and your family enjoys to the fullest. The 3 Golden Triangle cities – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur tell us the history of its past and present. The Mughal monuments of Delhi are considered as major attractions due to Mughal art and architecture. There are religious places of Jains, Muslims, and Sikhs in and even has lots of entertainment zones, markets, and eating joints. The famous monuments of Agra includes the Agra Fort, It-mad-Daula’s Tomb, and on the route to Agra and Jaipur are Tomb of Emperor Akbar at Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri respectively.

Jaipur, the pink city, located in Rajasthan is home to the monuments of the Rajput rulers and even houses various gardens, parks and markets of art and handicrafts. You will be left speechless to see the beauty of this amazing city. Exploring this city while embarking on the Golden Triangle Tour, you can explore the vibrant folk dance and the local music of Rajasthan. You can also enjoy the Mughlai cuisine at Agra and Rajasthani cuisine at Jaipur. Delhi is heaven for the gourmets. Shopaholics will surely have a nice time in these three cities of the Golden Triangle Tour.

Goa, a small place in the southern part of India, is heaven for most of the tourists. Goa is famous for its beaches and nightlife. The beaches here are extremely beautiful and entertain the tourists throughout the day.

During the day time you can see the people relaxing at the beach, kids playing, and many other things and by night, live music, amazing food, dancing and much more can be experienced. One of the most famous beaches of Goa is the Baga Beach. You will find many people having a good time here. Take a Goa beach tour if you want to enjoy your stay.

You can find accommodation on the beach hotels or in the hotels near the beach at extremely affordable prices. With an extremely friendly environment you can have the time of your life and cherish those lovely moments spent with your family. You can take the Goa Beach Tour any time of the year, as the climate is suitable 365 days a year.

Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is a perfect destination for a luxurious holiday. There are so many palaces converted into 5 star hotels in which you can reside and be treated as a member of any royal family.

There are many Luxury Rajasthan Tour Packages to choose from. The perfect example of a Luxury Tour Package is the Palace on Wheels. It is a seven-day tour in a train that is like a palace from the inside and a train from the outside. The moment you board the train you are the king for seven days. The lobby, dining room, sitting area, and the bedrooms are designed according to the taste of any king.

You will be served hot food, all kinds of spirits and liquors, and sweets. You and your family will feel as if you are from the ancient times and are their rulers. You can book this Luxury Rajasthan Tour Package from the Internet or from any concerned tourism company. After the tour comes to an end you will not feel like getting off the train. You will feel an urge to stay there forever.

Kerala is famously known as “God’s Own Country”. Tourists are attracted to this beautiful place that is located in India. Relaxing on your houseboat in the Kerala Backwaters and listening to the peaceful sound of water flowing around you is the most soothing feeling one could ever have. Then lush green land, cool breeze hitting the palm trees, little children greeting you from the banks of the backwaters is what you can experience while lazing around with your loved ones in the backwaters. These houseboats are also known as Ketuvalloms.

There are many species that live in and around the Kerala Backwaters. They are: crabs, frogs, mudskippers, turtles, and otters. Some of the water birds that live in this area are: terns, kingfishers, cormorants, darters and many more.

The Kerala Backwaters are a combination of interconnected canals, rivers and lake. Vembanad Kayal is the largest lake and covers an area of about 200 sq KM. The length of the entire Kerala Backwaters is approximately 900 KM. There are many towns and cities in the middle of Backwaters and are even considered as starting and ending points for Backwater journeys.

A trip to Kerala with the Backwaters cruise is like icing on a cake. Don’t miss the Kerala Backwaters. The joy that you will bring to your family with this trip is priceless.

Rajasthan is a culmination of two words, ‘Raja’ meaning King and ‘sthan’ meaning Place, it was earlier denoted as the Rajputana state that gained its strength from the 36 Rajput clans ruling various states and principalities in Rajasthan. These ruling dynasties inherited a sense of supreme royalty that not only reflected in the lavish lifestyle, but it is also attested with the regal heritage they left behind. Today Rajasthan is amongst the top ranked tourist destination in India and the credit goes to the majestic Forts and Palaces that grab all the attention as they flaunt away their glory so gracefully. Rajasthan has the ruins of the bygone past lying across its geographic spread, but the tourist attraction in the catalogue of Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan includes the Amber Fort, city palace, Hawa Palace in jaipur. The Junagarh Fort, and Lalgarh Palace is another attraction in Bikaner, whereas the Chittorgarh Fort and Sonar Killa in Jaisalmer are magnificent enough to steal the show. Similarly the Mehrangarh Fort and Umai Bhawan Thada are other tourist attraction in Rajasthan. Udaipur is also in the list for having astounding Forts and Palaces. The aura of this magical land will surely give you some dejavu effects.

Adventure has different definition for different people; some find adventure in speed and become passionate for car sports, while some has a charm for wild adventure and head for some trekking through the jungles exploring the wilder habitat. Be it mountaineering or skiing every adventure have their difficulty level pronounced. The most upcoming adventure touring attraction of the generation has a lot of hair soaking thrill- The White Water River Rafting and Capital City Travels and Tours ace to support your passion to experience true adventure.

India has a huge network of mighty rivers making India suitable and popular among the tourist for such adventure destinations like White Water River Rafting. The challenging turbulent river is quite a competition to the toughest and roughest of mountain tracts. The fully-fledged streams of the Indian River, carrying fresh water from the icy peaks of the Himalayas has made River Rafting a major adventure tourist attraction.

Among the various water sports, the White Water River Rafting calls for adventurers who dare to gush along the river passing spectacular mountains, cutting deep gorges and crashing against them to make the water look silvery white and wild.

The favorite tourist destinations includes the various stretch of wild water streams, that includes Devprayag to Rishikesh on the waters of the Ganges, The Indus and Zanskar rivers, which flow through the arid ranges of Ladakh, River Chenab has a 130-km stretch from Kishtwar to Ramban that has enthralling levels of White Water River Rafting Adventure.

Other Tourist attraction for White Water River Rafting Adventure includes the Mori and Shivpuri stretch.

Capital City Travels and Tours offers some spectacular White Water River Rafting Adventure Tour Packages that focus on the famous tourist destinations for adventure in India and welcomes the adventure seekers who dare to bear the true adventure.