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Kerala Backwaters Tours

Kerala is famously known as “God’s Own Country”. Tourists are attracted to this beautiful place that is located in India. Relaxing on your houseboat in the Kerala Backwaters and listening to the peaceful sound of water flowing around you is the most soothing feeling one could ever have. Then lush green land, cool breeze hitting the palm trees, little children greeting you from the banks of the backwaters is what you can experience while lazing around with your loved ones in the backwaters. These houseboats are also known as Ketuvalloms.

There are many species that live in and around the Kerala Backwaters. They are: crabs, frogs, mudskippers, turtles, and otters. Some of the water birds that live in this area are: terns, kingfishers, cormorants, darters and many more.

The Kerala Backwaters are a combination of interconnected canals, rivers and lake. Vembanad Kayal is the largest lake and covers an area of about 200 sq KM. The length of the entire Kerala Backwaters is approximately 900 KM. There are many towns and cities in the middle of Backwaters and are even considered as starting and ending points for Backwater journeys.

A trip to Kerala with the Backwaters cruise is like icing on a cake. Don’t miss the Kerala Backwaters. The joy that you will bring to your family with this trip is priceless.

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