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Luxury Rajasthan Tour Package –

Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is a perfect destination for a luxurious holiday. There are so many palaces converted into 5 star hotels in which you can reside and be treated as a member of any royal family.

There are many Luxury Rajasthan Tour Packages to choose from. The perfect example of a Luxury Tour Package is the Palace on Wheels. It is a seven-day tour in a train that is like a palace from the inside and a train from the outside. The moment you board the train you are the king for seven days. The lobby, dining room, sitting area, and the bedrooms are designed according to the taste of any king.

You will be served hot food, all kinds of spirits and liquors, and sweets. You and your family will feel as if you are from the ancient times and are their rulers. You can book this Luxury Rajasthan Tour Package from the Internet or from any concerned tourism company. After the tour comes to an end you will not feel like getting off the train. You will feel an urge to stay there forever.

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